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Explore the Benefits of Buying Natural Hair Care Products Online

Published on 08.07.2022 by Ludmila Wenzel

Natural hair care products are becoming more popular among people who want to avoid harsh chemicals and return to avoiding ingredients that were initially harmful to their hair. The benefits of buying natural hair care products online involve lower shipping costs, quicker delivery, and convenience shopping from home. Below we will explain some perks in brief.

Fantastic Selection of Skin Care Products

When you shop for hair care products like Hornkamn at a shop, you limit yourself to whatever that particular brand has in stock. However, online shopping opens up a vast selection of hair care products from different brands, stores, and countries. More options mean you're more likely to find something that works for you and your hair’s needs. Plus, online stores restock more quickly as compared to physical stores. This sounds good to us! You must be careful not to try too many products at once; always see how your hair reacts before adding new steps to your hair care routine.

No Salespeople

This happens to people all the time. You will be browsing a display when a salesperson comes over and pushes you to buy. Although we understand that they're just doing their job, you should definitely prefer to shop in peace, especially when it comes to hair care and others like Bienenprodukte. If you do, too, shopping online is the perfect alternative. You can easily spend your time browsing and researching without being pushed or coerced.

Promos And Offers

Most stores offer insider newsletters that notify you of upcoming discounts and promos. But, what does it say at the bottom of the ad? Online only. Shopping online enables you to take advantage of all the promotional codes and sales a company offers. This means that you can pick up more of your favorite hair care products, such as Holzkamm, while saving money. Win-win!

Knowing the Ingredients before You Buy

It's no secret that ingredients are of the utmost importance when you have sensitive hair or suffer from a hair condition. However, looking at the bottle's hair care product's ingredients list is easier said than done. The print is usually small, and the list is filled with things you've never heard of. Often, online stores will mention the ingredients in a product, so you can easily read them. In a situation if you buy other products such as Schmuck then you can also get a description regarding ornaments to make a better decision. So, just do quick searches before deciding to buy.

Freedom to Be Yourself

This is an essential benefit of buying hair care products like Naturhaarbürste online. When you suffer from a particular hair condition, asking about how a product will affect your hair can be a little embarrassing. Online shopping is a judgment-free zone! In addition, several companies have live chats, where you can answer your questions without speaking to someone face-to-face. As a result, you can take care of yourself and your hair care needs without feeling self-conscious.

In a nutshell, these listed above are some perks a person can enjoy by buying natural hair care products from a legit online store.


How to Identify the Genuine Horn Combs

Published on 08.07.2022 by Ludmila Wenzel

This is the digital era with online stores everywhere, so purchasing a horn comb is not as difficult as before. Many people who are interested in horn combs don’t know how to recognize a genuine horn comb and a fake one.

Horn comb is a natural product, so each count is a unique artwork. The most crucial difference is that a natural Hornkamn will not produce static electricity, giving off a ‘horn’ smell when heated. It will also feel sturdy when kept because it is heavier than the same-sized plastic combs. Not only that, but protein grain is prevalent on a horn comb. Fake horn combs have none of the above features. Regarding how to judge the quality of horn combs, cheap ones usually lack glossiness and have cracks on the comb body.

 Texture Contrast

Genuine horn combs should be smooth, straight, sturdy, and mellow. Fake horn combs are usually made with unique plastic material, but they lack glossiness and feel poorly in your hand.

Smell Contrast

Dip some water on your finger, and use the finger to rub the horn comb surface fast, then a smell of burned feathers or hair will come out. This is because of the similar composition between the horn and feather/hair. Fake horn combs have no such smell.

Burning Test

Use a lighter to burn a genuine horn comb; the comb will not fire. The burnt part will evolve powder; meanwhile, you will feel the hair or nail burning smell. Plastic combs? Of course, the burnt plastic smell.

Horn combs are all made from natural buffalo horns; your hair can enjoy all the benefits from a good quality horn comb. Horn combs are usually made of ox, sheep, or buffalo horns.

Hold the horn comb in your hand, and you will see it’s sturdy and heavy, a feeling of quality! But this is not the reason why it’s a higher price. First of all, the horn comb will not generate static electricity because it is not conducive. The Horn comb will not damage your scalp, but rather the average hardness of the horn comb will massage the scalp to stimulate the scalp’s capillaries. This makes them thicker, improves blood circulation, and gives the brain more oxygen and nourishment. This will significantly help boost hair growth and prevent hair loss, headaches, and neurasthenia. At this point, the horn comb is also an excellent scalp massager.

Horn combs are rich in keratin and natural amino acids. Combining hair with a Hornkamn will keep the keratin balance on hair strands, making the hair shiny and silky. Don’t use the plastic combs again. Those cheap-priced and easy-to-buy plastic combs will bring you nothing but damage to your hair and scalp.


Hairbrushes of Kostkamm

Published on 30.04.2019 by Ludmila Wenzel

Fruit tree and hard wood from sustainable local resources are processed up to 20 different production steps. The manual work that invests into production allows to highlight the unique structures of wood achieving the higher quality of products.


Baby and children’s brushes of Kostkamm

Published on 30.04.2019 by Ludmila Wenzel

Wooden are the ideal material for hair brushes. It is firm, elastic and anti-static by nature. After exquisitely processing of wood the brushes are formed, individually designed and carefully filled with natural bristles.