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We do everything for our hair- using the best and most expensive shampoo & conditioner, oiling the hair often, and showing them the love of hair masks. And still, the hair looks damaged. What is the reason behind this? We may not think twice before using hair styling tools like hairbrushes. Although it may not seem significant, buying a hairbrush requires the same keenness when buying a smartphone or cosmetics. Consider several factors when making your purchase to get the best results.

Factors to consider while buying hair brush:

  • The shape of the hair brush

If you don’t know, the shape of the hairbrush matters as it plays a role in deciding the style and shape of one’s hair look. If you long for a classic blow dry look, you need to have a hairbrush that carefully wraps the hair around the bristles to give the twisted & wavy look. The hairbrushes come in various sizes depending on the hair volume and need.

  • Type of the bristles

Whether you are detangling your tresses or giving them a finishing touch with a salon-like blowout, the type of bristles a hairbrush has also determined how your hair looks. Go for the hairbrush stiff black bristle 7 which can capture oil from your roots, transfer it to your lengths, help regulate your oil production, and act as a much-needed intervention. They create a shine to your hair by closing the hair strands cuticle assisting the hair in reflecting light.

  • Easy to clean

It is very obvious that with regular use of hairbrushes, they are likely to attract a lot of dirt and buildup in between the bristles. This means it’s high time to clean the brushes and pull the gunk from the bristles. Just like hair, every beauty tool needs proper cleaning; hence choose a hairbrush that is easy to clean. Using the same dirty brush for repetitive hair strokes can reduce the piled-up dirt in the hair.

  • Handle of the hair brush

Apart from the size and shape of the hairbrush, the handle design also plays a game-changing role. Always choose a hairbrush with an ergonomic design that makes holding the brush easy and comfortable. An excellent hairbrush with an easy handle provides a comfortable grip while gliding it on the scalp. A brush with a soft cushioned handle also helps to lessen the strain while holding the brush for longer sessions during styling and detangling. Ensure that you buy a hair brush beech wood that helps reduce hair fall, eliminate dandruff, reduce irritation and scalp infection. It also stimulates natural oils and boosts blood circulation.