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Hairbrushes of Kostkamm

Published on 30.04.2019 by Ludmila Wenzel

Fruit tree and hard wood from sustainable local resources are processed up to 20 different production steps. The manual work that invests into production allows to highlight the unique structures of wood achieving the higher quality of products.

Wild boar bristles are the longest and strongest natural bristles which are therefore best appropriate for hair care. Natural bristles take care of the hair all the way to the tips and regulate the hair's sensitive oil balance.

The hair brushes are completed with high-quality wild boar bristles. The bristles are used with four different degrees of flexibility: soft-, stiff-, extra- and extreme stiff. 5-, 7- und 9 rows hair brushes with long-, oval- , drop and ergonomic handle shapes are available for offer.


Thanks to perfect hand fitting and ergonomic design are the hairbrushes also suitable for left-handed use.


Antistatic wooden tacks brushes are crafted from either sustainable beech wood or olive wood, completed with smooth sanded wooden tacks. These are then safely fixed within an elastic caoutchouc cushion and are straight, extra-long or rounded.

>The straight tacks are ideal for massaging the head and are particularly well suited to detangle long hair.

>For thick or curly hair, we recommend extra-long tacks.

>The rounded tacks have a gentle massaging effect and are well suited for delicate scalps.


The distance between the teeth is a key factor for the functionality of wooden combs. The longer and the more curly the hair, the wider the teeth should be set.

We offer four different levels of tooth width and spacing.

  • Fine 0,8mm: fine, short or straight hair 

  • Narrow 1,6mm: short to fine medium-length hair

  • Wide 3,2mm: medium length, long or wavy hair

  • Extra wide 7mm: thick, voluminous, curly hair

Regular brushing with high-quality wild boar bristles brushes, with wooden combs or wooden tacks brushes is an essential part of holistic hair- and scalp care.

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