In spite of the differences in types and models of hairbrushes may be designed for various types of hair, their purpose and use are always the brushing, styling or untangling of human hair.

Hair brush pear wood extra stiff black bristle 5 rows

Kost Kamm


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hair: Hair care
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product description

Hair brush made from waxed pear wood and completed with 100% first cut extra stiff black wild boar bristles to long shape 5 rows. This makes it perfectly suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair also thick hair.

Length: 22 cm.

The boar bristles are used in three different degrees of flexibility. Due to their gently curved shape, which is modelled on the form of the head, the brushes are perfectly suited for special care of the hair. When brushing, their particular shape distributes the pressure evenly on the scalp.