The precious oils are a new type of a soap-free gently cleaning, suitable for all skin types, perfect for face and body. The moisture balance will be regulated. The skin is nourished and lastingly protected against dryness. The oils are produced without any conservatives. They are vegan. Oils belonged to the not drying fat oils and are thereby in the best way to the massage suitably.

Body oil Organic Jojoba oil all skin types 125 ml

jobiNEA Naturkosmetik


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body: Shower gel
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product description

The organic jojoba oil is a cold-pressed liquid wax extracted from seeds of the jojoba shrub. It is very nutritious, high-quality skin care oil, suitable for all skin types.

The naturally caring component such as jojoba oil nourishes and pampers the skin with their natural healing powers, supplies the skin with sufficient moisture and makes it feel pleasantly soft and smooth.

Jojoba oil absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin, without ever looking shiny.

- rich in nutrients
- revitalises and adjusts the moisture balance
- for all skin types
- has a nourishing effect (after showering used on still wet skin)
- natural sun protection factor between 3% and 4%
- can be added to bathwater
- can perfectly be mixed with essential oils
- suitable for massages
- vegan
- gluten free

- 125 ml