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Baby and children’s brushes of Kostkamm

Published on 30.04.2019 by Ludmila Wenzel

Wooden are the ideal material for hair brushes. It is firm, elastic and anti-static by nature.

After exquisitely processing of wood the brushes are formed, individually designed and carefully filled with natural bristles.

Baby and children’s brushes are crafted from either beech or pear wood, completed with natural bristles like goat hair, horse hair, pig bristles in various degrees of flexibility. Due to of this the brushes may be designed for various hair types of children.

Pig bristles are medium-soft bristles, suitable for de-tangling and hair care for young children.

Goat hair is very soft bristles. It is ideal for massaging newborns.

Horse hair bristles are soft bristles and suitable for gentle brushing and fine hair.

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