Shower gel with herbs mentol camphor 200ml

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body: Shower gel
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Shower gel for daily body care with herbs and lipid replenishing oil components, which additionally improves the skin's moisture retention capacity.

Herbs, camphor and menthol are used in the production of this natural product, which achieves a generally refreshing, invigorating and circulation boosting effect. The muscles are cooled by the natural active ingredients menthol and camphor.

Whether we are talking about a gentle shower gel, a soothing body lotion for sensitive skin or a mild shampoo for clean and shining hair, they all come into contact with the skin and therefore require very sensitive and highly compatible ingredients - compatible not just with the human body, but also with the environment, which is where these constituents go after use.

Shower gel is vegan, gluten-free and has a volume of 200 ml.